"Feeling so inspired by @sustainablebk right now. We had the honor of hosting their Earth Symposium at our studio in NYC today. These women filled the space with next level teachers and leaders in the sustainability space. From fashion to wellness to farming and more, so much was covered. These women are the real deal and I really just am overwhelmed with inspiration. FOLLOW @sustainablebk, get in to the work they are doing and who they are putting forward. There is a lot to learn here." 

- Mara Hoffman

"I can't really put into words how incredible this past weekend's @sustainablebk EARTH symposium was, but I'm going to try. I've been in the NY sustainable/ethical/conscious fashion community/movement for about 5 years - ever since I moved to NY in 2014 & I have never been to anything quite like this. Everything about this day was beyond powerful & beautiful. Everything about this day was approached intentionally holistically & radically...It was truly such a special & profound day[.]" 


"The event was not only thought provoking but motivating and educating us all to take much needed ACTION to ensure true equality for all as we occupy one EARTH"​

- Philip Attar 

"I want to express my heart felt thanks for the earth event.  Every minute was well used. All the topics went deep. By the end I felt enlightened and had information  on resources I could read to gain more insight. The food was delicious and the love was real. The space was filled with powerful women who care about mother Earth.  I have goosebumps just remembering how my spirit was recharged from the meditations and the positive energy in general that was in that space!" ​

- Custom Collaborative Graduate,

Marsha France

"[Sustainable Brooklyn] didn't falter to turn the lens to those who don't understand sustainability because it has always been a part of their culture, or in fact, have no interest [in sustainability] because it has always been circumstantial to the impoverished. [EARTH] was inclusion. This was the birds eye view that sustainability should be looked at as a whole."